Are You Spending Too Much Time Gathering Data?

How much time is your company spending handling data? According to a survey of more than 800 data professionals by TMMData and the Digital Analytics Association, it’s probably a lot. The findings show that almost 40% of professionals spend at least 20 hours each week, accessing and preparing data before they reach the point of […]

Facebook Is Now Meta: Will This Affect Your Small Business Marketing Plan?

It has been a little over a year since Facebook changed its name to Meta in late October 2021. With this change, the company announced its intention to pursue broader technological opportunities. Largely focused on the future of a metaverse, the name change created a stir in the news.

5 Ways Surveys Fuel Lead Generation

Lead generation is a critical part of every business, but it can also be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Have you considered using surveys as a part of your lead generation strategy to gather critical data faster? Surveys provide a way for you to generate new leads and gain valuable insights into audience preferences all in one […]

Marketing In A Recession: 7 Budget-Friendly Moves To Grow Your Business

You’ve probably noticed the headlines; a recession may be a near-future reality. Does that mean you should put the brakes on your marketing budget? Probably not, but just in case you find that you need to tighten things up a bit, here are seven budget-friendly ideas that help you expand market share while reducing spending.

The Illusion of Privacy

Bring up the topic of privacy at a dinner party, and you’re likely to stir up an energetic conversation. You may hear people swear their electronic assistant is listening to everything in their home, not just their requests. Or they may tell stories of having a conversation about buying something with their spouse, only for […]

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