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Is Directmail.io for enterprise businesses or agencies?

Both! Some enterprise clients manage their own marketing and use DirectMail.io as the engine. We also have a large network of resellers that are agencies, printers, tv stations, and more who manage all of their client campaigns through the DirectMail.io platform.

Do I have to use direct mail in my marketing strategy?

Nope, but we’re pretty big fans. All channels in DirectMail.io can be used independently or together in whatever mix you want, so if you want to run a campaign without direct mail as a channel, you can definitely do that.

What if I don’t have a customer list?

Great marketing starts with a customer list. Our specialty is using your customer list, creating full profiles through marketing campaigns, and continuously refining the list. If you do not have any list to start with, purchasing a list and using a direct mail campaign to begin to reach your target market is a great way to get started. We can help with that. Or if you already have a social audience, using the digital and social channels is a great place to start by converting your online community into leads in your database by launching a Digital/Social campaign using a landing page. If starting off by using a purchased list is your strategy then DM.io is the perfect fit to turn names into customers.

What is the difference between a multichannel and omnichannel campaign?

There are a lot of similarities between multichannel and omnichannel strategies, but one huge differentiator sets them apart. We think it’s the most important one, too. Omnichannel marketing positions the customer as the central part of all communications and is focused on getting customers the right content, in the right place, and at the right time. Customers are a big deal around here which is why we focus on designing campaigns that create not only response but engagements in personal ways.

Do I need to be a graphic designer?

Our campaign builder has templates to help you get started quickly and our drag and drop easy editor makes customizing your landing page, emails, and digital ads super simple. Design experience or coding knowledge isn’t required, but if you are already an expert we know you’ll love how quickly and efficiently you can design and launch campaigns.

Why is your name DirectMail.io?

We started in print and making direct mail powerful and giving it a digital life. But in the last few years, we’ve outgrown the mailbox & our a name a bit. Now, we’re here to make our clients marketing strategies (print or not!) more powerful and effective.

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