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Marketing never tasted this good...

If you’re looking to generate in-store traffic and revenue for a restaurant client,’s efficient design is perfect for you. Save time and money while delivering a targeted omnichannel campaign for your client. With half the time and resources, you’ll have time to hit up happy hour. And the best part? After you launch the campaign, all responses and reporting are managed from your Reseller dashboard allowing you and your client to build stronger strategies down the road.

Start with a list.

Upload your database or list of new prospects, our built-in list management tools will hygiene your data and make sure all of your addresses are optimized for delivery using NCOA and CASS certification.

We employ the highest level of security in order to maintain privacy, security, and all U.S. compliance laws.

Create your direct marketing campaign.

Your team member will help you develop the best marketing strategy to meet your goals. Easily work with our team to build direct mail, email, Facebook, Instagram, and SMS campaigns.

Omnichannel campaigns increase engagement by 300%!

- Gartner Research


Restaurant campaigns that offer items for free generate 10x more leads than those that do not.

Direct Mail

Restaurants often use coupons as a call to action to drive new business. With the platform, we recommend using an “activation” call to action so that you can gauge response before customers come into the restaurant. We allow customers to interact with the direct mail campaign through the phone, web, SMS, and even with home voice devices.


Much like direct mail, we suggest creating a link to the landing page for the user to print the actual coupon or “activate” the offer. Because email is already digital, the best performing call to action is a link to the landing page. You’ll see the value of sending customers to the landing page on the next page.


You have two options when marketing to your opt-in list in regards to texting. You can use a short code, which allows you to send from a company and direct prospects to a landing page to gather valuable information. The other option is to send as a long code which allows the text to come over as a personal message. This is a good “personal touch” marketing strategy that allows you to open up conversations.

Facebook Audience

This feature allows you to easily target your campaign list or expand your reach with a new custom audience. Create a Facebook campaign that drives customers to a landing page or use a Facebook lead form. Every lead will push directly into the contact management system in real-time.

Instagram Audience mirrors the ad created in Facebook and pushes it to your Instagram account so that you can double your campaign exposure in seconds.

Affiliate & Influencer Marketing

The power of influencers online in today’s world is amazing. Leverage those influences by giving them their own link to share. Restaurants can pay local icons to post their links on social feeds and in blogs or create custom links for different advertising mediums. Every link generated can be tracked so you know which influencers or mediums make the biggest impact.

The best campaign will engage the audience and initiate a conversation.

Leverage our unique inbound response channels. was created to provide better engagement tools so customers can easily interact with companies to build relationships that lead to sales.

Landing pages

Customized online websites that allow you to validate and update customer information, gather insights, and reward prospects for endorsing your restaurant.

Profile Data

Add updated profile information like household value, family size, hobbies, income and more.


Ask relevant questions that allow you to refine your new database, putting customers in specific categories so future marketing messages can tailored to match.

Social Sharing

Boost your campaign reach and influence when customers share your campaign via email, Facebook, and Twitter. This feature could start a viral campaign as one friend shares on their network, to be picked up by five more friends that also share.

Voice Device Integration is the first to integrate direct mail with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, allowing customers to easily interact and provide insight. Using the voice devices, customers can have the offers texted to them for easy redemption.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Customers can call campaign specific phone numbers and be directed to answer poll questions before being forwarded to your company phone.

Live Call Center Agents(optional)

Utilize our integrated live call center where our skilled and friendly agents answer the phone with a predetermined script. They ask the same poll questions and push the answers into the system.

Peer 2 Peer Texting

We leverage the most popular communication tool by allowing customers to respond via text message. When they respond, you’ll be able to reciprocate and manage the entire conversation through our engagement dashboard.

Smart marketing requires smart solutions. is a marketing platform built by marketers, for marketers, so we’ve created a few extras that we knew you would love.

Marketing Automation

Create follow-up drip campaigns to keep your message in front of potential customers. Have automated emails and texts created to react to responses. It’s very simple to setup and is guaranteed to increase engagement.


We made it convenient to know when leads are pouring in. So instead of staring at your analytics dashboard, sit back and sip on your piña colada. When a lead comes in, we’ll send you an alert. (We can also send it to your client so you don’t have to ever put down the colada.)

In-Store Check-In

In the restaurant industry especially, coupon fraud can be costly. We created an app that easily installs on your iPhone or Android phone that allows you to scan a barcode, validating every coupon used, letting you know if someone tries to use the same coupon twice.

Retargeting Plus

Since you’ve been doing all of this great marketing to the landing page, wouldn’t it be nice if you could create an audience? It would be nice, that’s why we did it. Add your Google retargeting code, Facebook Pixel, or any script you’d like on the back-end of your site.

Smart Pixl

As an added bonus, we decided to offer the Smart Pixl, also knows as the online “big brother.” Smart Pixl pulls data from anonymous visitors, allowing you to discover who is on your site. Get names, addresses, emails, and 200 other valuable assets.

Watch all your favorite shows without changing the “channel.”

One of the best features of is that all of your mark eting analytics are in one place. You no longer have to login into four different software platforms to view campaign activity for all of your media channels. Analyze your direct mail, email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, and affiliate mark eting efforts side-by-side. One login, one resource, all at your fingertips.

Create better strategies and longer lasting customer relationships.

Every lead funnels into our contact management system, allowing you to communicate and update records on the fly. Understand your customer better with dynamic profiles. As customers opt-in, you’ll be able to build a true marketing database and communicate special offers in real-time.