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On-Demand Direct Mail - DirectMail.io vs Postcard Pros


On-Demand Direct Mail - DirectMail.io vs Postcard Pros

Regardless of the size of your direct mail campaign, or how large or small your target region is that you are targeting, you understandably want to save time and money on the execution of your campaign while pulling every last benefit out of your efforts. While direct mail campaigns are increasingly common because of their cost-effectiveness, some businesses are overlooking incredible opportunities to expand their reach. The right on-demand direct mail service provider can deliver the elevated results that you need to see. Each of the two providers that you are looking at today have a different line of services that will produce different experiences and results for your business. Through your comparison of DirectMail.io vs Postcard Pros, you can feel confident about your direct mail marketing efforts going forward.


Exploring Data List Management

While the services of these two platforms overlap, they serve their clients in different ways. One of these differences is in the data lists that are used with each on-demand direct mail campaign. With DirectMail.io, you upload the contact list that you have spent so much time and effort assembling and perfecting. This list can be conveniently uploaded directly from your CRM. This platform does all of the data cleanup and appending on your behalf to ensure that your direct mail campaign will be as effective as possible. Through this unique platform, you can utilize your website to capture more leads. In this way, your list is constantly growing with very targeted contacts so that each new campaign has the potential to be more effective than the last campaign.
Through Postcard Pros, on the other hand, you can use your own list or purchase a list. There is also an option to mail your piece to every door within a specific vicinity. This platform does not do any of the data cleanup or management for you. In addition, the canvasing approach may not be ideal for many businesses that have a unique target audience. When direct mail campaigns are truly direct and targeted, they may be more effective overall.


How the Direct Mail Experiences Compare

Whether your business is serving Mandeville Denver Oklahoma City and the nation or if you are focusing on a much smaller market segment, you need to know how these two service providers facilitate the direct mail experience. With the first platform, you have incredible freedom to create your pieces using templates and robust yet easy-to-use design features. You can also use form fields and merge functions to personalize pieces, such as with the recipient’s name. This platform handles all of the printing and mailing on your behalf, and it supports brochures, postcards, letters and other mail formats.
The alternative has design services available, but you will hand over the design to a professional rather than have the freedom to customize the pieces to your exact specifications. You will be able to choose between sending your pieces to a targeted group or to a broad group through a door-to-door mailing.

Reviewing Campaign Results and Analytics

After each campaign, you need to analyze the results to determine how cost-effective your campaign was, what your return on investment was and how you can improve your efforts going forward. Through your comparison of DirectMail.io vs Postcard Pros, you will see that the first service provider has numerous built-in options for tracking data. For example, your mailers can drive traffic to a landing page, to a phone number using a specific code or even to an SMS number with 2-way communication enabled. It monitors all responses and effortlessly pulls together all of the data into easy-to-read reports. The analysis can be tailored to fit your specific needs through different views.
The other platform has some analytics as well, as these are available for a sizable additional fee. These services include mail tracking, analytics, call tracking, call recording and more.


Connecting with Your Target Audience in Other Ways

Both of these platforms enable you to connect with your target audience in other ways beyond on-demand direct mail. For example, the first platform facilitates email campaigns, social media marketing, 2-way texting, voice campaigns and other efforts. Postcard Pros, on the other hand, offers printing services for banners, folders, letterheads, yard signs and other materials. It also has a few digital ad services.


Why Choose DirectMail.io

Whether your business is serving Mandeville Denver Oklahoma City and the nation as a whole, or you are serving a smaller target audience, DirectMail.io offers the full range of direct marketing services that will truly benefit your business. Rather than focusing on printing and related services like Postcard Pros does, this platform covers all of the bases for a complete direct marketing campaign.

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