Will You Be Ready When TikTok Overtakes Facebook?

Anees Mueller
by Anees Mueller
January 9, 2023

It’s far from being the first social media platform, and it certainly won’t be the last, but there’s something about TikTok that delivers some of the best features of the social experience. From short-format videos to the seemingly agreed-upon decision not to take anything too seriously, it allows humor, creativity and a lot of fun.

And in 2023, you may see it ascend the social throne, taking the crown from Facebook. It’s growing so fast that there’s little point in putting a number to it, but the number of users grew by 72.3% in 2022. And with Facebook’s parent company Meta shifting to more commerce-related advertising, it opens opportunities for TikTok in direct sales.

Whether TikTok surpasses Facebook in sales, users or other metrics, the message for marketers is that it’s time to jump in and connect with audiences on the platform. Here are a few ways to be ready for more TikTok growth so that you aren’t missing out:

Get the Vibe

Spend time exploring TikTok, looking at videos and noticing the features available for creators. You should note that even videos on other platforms are changing because of TikTok. The short-form format is dominating across all social media, challenging brands to get their point across quickly and with humor.

Get Informed

Now it’s time to dig a little deeper. You should get familiar with the dominant factors in the TikTok algorithm, which can help you shape your engagement, hashtag and content strategies. You should also check out the analytics tools by going to your profile page, clicking on the three horizontal lines at the upper right of the screen and selecting Creator Tools then Analytics. Explore the dashboard to see how you’ll be able to access metrics.

Identify Your TikTok Audiences

If you’re still thinking of TikTok as a teen hangout, it’s a good idea to do some digging and find out whether your target audience spends time there (they probably do). For instance, more than 20% of users are between the ages of 40 and 49.

Check Out Competitors

Take a look at what your competitors are up to. What kinds of videos are getting the most engagement? You may also note where there may be a style of video that isn’t being used by your competitors. If they are doing a lot of quick Q&A videos or unveiling of products, there may be an opportunity for you to engage audiences with a how-to, pranks, behind-the-scenes or a dance trend.

Apply Basic Marketing Know-How

TikTok is relatively new and requires some additional skills, but much of what makes TikTok work for your brand uses the same marketing skills you use in other activities. A few reminders:

  • Be consistent, both in your messaging and in your posting schedule.
  • Know your audience and create valuable content that’s personalized for them,
  • Know what you are trying to accomplish.
  • Measure your progress and adjust as needed.

As with all marketing campaigns, a TikTok campaign only gets easier with the right tools. Check out our TikTok channel or subscribe to any of social networks here.  If you want great insight like this, follow our daily podcast on your favorite podcast networks.

Anees Mueller
by Anees Mueller
January 9, 2023

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