Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Invest In Direct Mail

Anees Mueller
by Anees Mueller
February 12, 2021

Among the 2,279 printing services across the United States, printing is down 5.5%.

You might think this shrinkage in the market is simply printers losing ground to digital methods. When it comes to marketing, direct mail can’t compete with Facebook and email marketing, right?

You’re about to find out why this is the ideal time to invest in direct mail, and why printers across the industry should be beefing up their technology. There’s plenty of opportunity for printers who know how to pair direct mail with digital marketing, and that combination means growth for marketers.

Printers, Upgrade Your Tech

As printing services decline, these businesses are about to become dinosaurs in the industry without a hand in digital marketing. With new regulations announced in January 2021 by Apple, digital marketing is a little more challenging.

The time is now for direct mail printing services that want to not only survive, but thrive in the current marketing landscape. New software solutions are available that make direct mail a strategic channel for content distribution:

Personalized URLs and Landing Pages

You can use a QR code on mailers that ties to a client’s landing page to promote a special or discount. This makes it easy to track responses and quantify a client’s return on investment for their mailer.

Integrated Facebook Messenger

Since the latest Facebook Messenger update, you can also use a QR code to automatically open Messenger and begin a conversation with the recipient.

Home Assistants

There’s technology available that allows the recipient to say something simple, such as, “Alexa, launch Direct Mail,” and the assistant will then identify the responder, gather information, and then will send video and confirmations via phone after having a conversation with the recipient. This is an exciting option for your clients.

Manage Response Volume

Getting a lot of responses to a mailer is great, but being able to handle all of those responses is even better. There are options available for pairing with direct mail that accesses call center services and even automated agents to ensure that leads are being captured and then nurtured for conversion.

Each of these options are designed to improve engagement with audiences, and the right technology will also help you measure and refine those efforts. Maybe you’ll learn that certain types of landing pages outperform others, or that you see much more engagement when your QR code is accompanied by certain wording.

Pairing direct mail with digital channels is a highly effective way to reach your audience. Response rates continue to increase, while direct mail offers a tangible, easily personalized way to connect and provides you with tracking of responses.

Printing services don’t need to become dinosaurs; the setting is ideal for you to instead become strategic in your approach to marketing with the embrace of technology-driven direct mail.

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Anees Mueller
by Anees Mueller
February 12, 2021

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