Why It’s Good To Go Back To The Basics

Anees Mueller
by Anees Mueller
September 27, 2022

Day after day, you are plugging away at your business and with marketing. You create your monthly newsletters, you post consistently on social media and you prioritize producing a quality blog.

But you’re not seeing any engagement or any growth. What’s going on?

What’s going on could be one of a host of things, but there’s a good practice of going back to the basics that covers a lot of areas and may help you identify where the gap is. Here are a few ways to go back to the basics:

Your Target Audience

It takes a lot of focus and discipline to step out of your own shoes and into those of the customer, but it’s important to do this. Look at what your company is offering from your customers’ perspective. Would they think that your blog post is solving a problem or adding value for them? Would they see your social media post as a conversation they would like to join?

It’s easy to forget your customers’ point of view. It’s likely that you’re quite different from them, in terms of job role, pain points and maybe even areas like socioeconomic or other demographic factors.

Your Content and Distribution

Consider how your customers’ needs may have changed in recent months or years, and also take some time to examine emerging trends in content distribution. It may be that it’s time to get acquainted with a new format, such as short-form video. Or you may need to familiarize yourself with a new social media platform because that’s where your audience now spends their time.

Messaging and Pain Points

Think about your customers and the main reasons why they may be interested in your products or services. Is there a common pain point that your company can address, and is this changing in any way?

You may also want to look at the core messaging around your brand. You likely went through an extensive process to determine the right message, voice and tone for your brand. Make sure it’s still relevant and that it’s being applied consistently across your marketing.

The best marketers never shelve their strategy; they are always refining based on evaluating metrics. If you need a way to make it all streamlined and easy, take a look at our all-in-one automated marketing solution,, then contact us to learn more.

Anees Mueller
by Anees Mueller
September 27, 2022

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