How To Get The Most From Your Marketing Team

Anees Mueller
by Anees Mueller
September 28, 2020

Your marketing team: they’re dynamic, they’re creative, and if left to their own devices, they might spend an entire meeting completely off-topic and instead, debating the best coffee shop in town.

It’s a hallmark of marketing teams. The same qualities that enable them to come up with a completely unique idea for your brand can also derail them from being as productive as you might like. How do you keep your teams on track and get the most out of their creativity?

Give Them Access to all Data

Marketing sometimes gets lumped in with sales, and sales teams are notorious for closely guarding data. For marketers, it’s a different situation. That data is key to reaching their target market segments with highly personalized messaging. It’s important that all members of your marketing team are able to access all aspects of data so that all channels of your campaigns are running in sync.

Encourage Communication

Your social media manager’s content is going to be much more effective if it’s dovetailed with your landing pages and your email newsletter. Encourage your team members to communicate, and that might mean adopting some technology that invites and fosters collaboration on your team.

It’s also important to encourage the right kinds of communication. A survey found that 96% of marketers identified unnecessary emails as a waste of their time.


The same guy on your marketing team who went roller skating down the hall in full leprechaun attire last St. Patrick’s Day has some great ideas, and you may find that they come out in full force when he has an audience. Many creative types are fueled by others’ ideas and getting your team together once in a while for a structured brainstorming session can be a productive way to breathe new life into a campaign.

Utilize the Right Technology

Marketing automation tools give your team the opportunity to shed some of the manual aspects of their jobs, freeing them up to focus on developing new creative and strategic ideas. Through automation, marketing teams access an omnichannel solution that handles everything from design and personalization to the scheduling and deploying of a campaign.

Using the latest technology, these solutions offer a set of marketing features that improve response rates and offer unprecedented engagement levels with your market. These tools offer comprehensive dashboards that provide a clear view of customer activity and the response to the campaign.

Anees Mueller
by Anees Mueller
September 28, 2020

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