Five Signs It’s Time to Outsource Your Marketing

Anees Mueller
by Anees Mueller
December 1, 2020

Research from Statista shows that 41% of businesses do their own marketing.

For these companies, there is often a disconnect between sales and marketing teams. For instance, they may have vastly different definitions for what constitutes a lead, or the sales team may report that the lead generating activities of the marketing department isn’t generating conversions.

This type of disconnect is just one sign that it may be time to outsource your marketing to a team of specialists. Here are a few more:

It’s Taking Too Much Time

If you’re spending hours trying to optimize your ads for Facebook, or you’ve noticed that the best way to hear a stress-laden sigh is to mention Google Analytics to your team, it may be an indication that marketing is becoming too heavy a burden to keep in-house.

Marketing has become more complex in recent years, and while each platform has some pretty cool and accessible tools, it still requires time to manage social media, email campaigns, and content calendars.

You Can’t Measure Results

Your sales team is complaining that your leads aren’t converting, and you are struggling to defend your budget to the board of directors. When it’s becoming impossible to calculate your return on investment for marketing, this is a clear sign that it’s time to hire an agency. A good agency will have defined metrics for each segment of your campaigns, as well as a clear return on investment analysis.

You Don’t Have an In-House Designer

Branding is about more than deciding on a logo and color scheme. It’s an ongoing focus of any successful strategy and should be an all-encompassing approach to your marketing. Your website design, social media posts, and all communications should be consistently in line with your design.

It’s Just Not Fun Anymore

Engaging your audiences is exciting and fun when it’s going well, but it can be defeating and frustrating when you’re investing in marketing and not seeing the excitement in response. Failing to see any engagement from your audience is a reliable sign that you may want to consider outsourcing.

It’s a Distraction

You started your business for a reason, and it likely wasn’t so that you could spend all of your time marketing your business. Get back to what you love to do and focus on the bigger vision and strategy of your company. Leave the marketing to someone who loves to do marketing.

There are also a few great benefits your company will experience from shifting to an outsourcing model for marketing:

  • You get the whole spectrum of marketing expertise, for less money than hiring an in-house marketing specialist. From graphic and web designers to experienced content writers, a team will be at your disposal.
  • You get the benefit of their insight across their field. A marketing team is going to know whether your industry is more active on Instagram versus LinkedIn, or what return rate you can expect on a traditional mailer versus email.
  • You get out-of-the-box ideas. Marketing specialists tend to be a bit on the creative side, and they will see your business through a different lens, which may help you find a new angle to engaging new audiences.

Another solution could be to find a marketing tool that helps you organize and launch all of your campaigns from one source, with limited effort and resources. has a marketing box solution for both “do-it-yourselfers” and those who requested outside assistance. Learn more on the solution that best fits your needs at

Anees Mueller
by Anees Mueller
December 1, 2020

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