Direct Mail Gets A Boost With Digital Marketing

Anees Mueller
by Anees Mueller
November 3, 2020

Digital marketing has taken off, with social media and email newsletters allowing companies to make frequent and immediate contact with engaged audiences. Does that mean there’s no need to invest in direct mail?

No. Direct mail remains an important component of any marketing campaign, with the Direct Mail Association reporting that 65% of consumers across all age groups have purchased something as a result of direct mail.

What’s important to remember is that direct mail can also take advantage of all the advances and benefits introduced through digital marketing. From data analytics to personalization and response tracking, direct mail has gotten smarter and it’s easier than ever to track your return on investment.

Data Analytics

Any marketing campaign relies on solid information to be successful. The same data collection methods being used to enroll consumers in digital marketing platforms can be applied to direct mail. Use those opt-in forms to gather addresses for targeted mailing campaigns.


It’s no secret that “…or Current Resident” pieces get tossed in the trash. Use your data to understand who you’re targeting and what kinds of messages might resonate. Address the recipient by name and offer promotions or specials targeted specifically for them, based on demographics or past purchases.

Response Tracking

This is where direct mail gets a serious boost from digital technology. The ability to connect scan codes with a dedicated landing page allows you to see where your leads are coming from. That means your return on investment (ROI) for marketing just became more easily defined and measured.

Take a look at a real-world example of the effectiveness of direct mail from’s archives:

A direct mail campaign on the east coast involved sending out over 620,000 pieces of mail. The effort yielded 1,132 leads, 1,344 responses, and resulted in nearly 800 appointments.

The west coast arm of that same campaign sent out over 147,000 pieces of mail. The company enjoyed 207 leads, 265 responses, and 144 appointments from that mail campaign.

Direct mail’s value is clear.

An Omnichannel Approach

Given these numbers, does that mean you should abandon digital marketing and go back to only traditional methods? offers an omnichannel approach that uses an integrated strategy for coordinated engagement across a variety of platforms, formats, and touchpoints.

It all starts with clean data. Then it’s time to develop eye-catching content with brand messaging that speaks to your target audience. Your direct mail campaign will be integrated with social media, email marketing, and SMS messaging.

Through our automated, omnichannel approach, it will be easy to engage potential customers, with clear reporting that helps you refine and revise your strategy. At every stage, it’s important to utilize A/B testing to see what’s working best for your brand to power growth, and which methods aren’t as effective.

If you’re interested in scheduling a 15-minute demo to see how our technology might benefit your business, simply let us know here. We love talking to new companies and helping them grow to their full potential.

Anees Mueller
by Anees Mueller
November 3, 2020

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