Direct Mail for Future Generations –

Direct Mail for Future Generations

Cody Yates
by Cody Yates
August 1, 2019

Marketing to a New Generation of Consumers

Millennials and Gen Z Consumers

One of the marketing world’s greatest challenges is staying current with the trends that help prepare brands for future consumers. You can set your brand up for a successful future by anticipating the consuming habits and ideals of the next generation.

Gen Z is the segment of the population born after 2001. It’s a group that is growing in size and importance by representing the future consumer for brands around the world. According to Fung Global Retail & Technology research, Gen Z made up an estimated 26% of the global population in 2015, and this is expected to grow to 33% in 2020. Millennials still make up a large portion of the consumer population but preparing for the next generation is never a bad idea.

The Expectations of an On-Demand Culture

On-Demand Culture drives more expectations of instant and easy interaction

Social media has emerged as a driving cultural necessity for younger generations. Gen Z is the first generation to grow up documenting their entire lives on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This raises the importance of image and presentation in the eyes of the Gen Z consumer. As Gen Z grows to adults, they have grown side-by-side with emerging technology trends.

The on-demand technology, ranging from video-on-demand services such as Netflix and Hulu to food-on-demand apps such as UberEATS & Waitr, has made Gen Z one of the most demanding, least patient generations of consumers ever. This on-demand technology has transformed the delivery of products, services, information, and entertainment. While the majority of consumers enjoy some of the benefits of the on-demand economy, Gen Z is the only age group to have grown up with it as it emerged. One of the best ways to have your brand resonate with this generation of consumers is to cater to the on-demand culture and the channels this generation chooses to consume information.

For example, is leveraging new innovative marketing technology to reach consumers through familiar voice assistance technology. By combining marketing efforts with technology such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, has found a new way to connect with a generation of consumers growing up with Alexa and Siri as their own personal assistants.

The Future of Direct Mail in a Digital World

Direct mail combined with digital marketing is still thriving

One might think preparing for a new generation of consumers means getting rid of dated marketing strategies to stay current. In contrast, a quick look at the results shows that direct mail is still thriving when combined with today’s technology. One of the reasons direct mail will stay relevant for future generations is that marketers are becoming smarter. Leveraging technology is helping to send mail to people who actually appreciate receiving it. Better data and sophisticated analytics allow marketers to send more targeted campaigns than ever.

According to the 2018 DMA Response Rate Report, direct mail response rates averaged 9% for a house list and 5% for a prospect list. In contrast, the 2017 report showed a response rate of 5.1% for a house list and 2.9% for a prospect list. The average between 2003 and 2015 was 3.6% for a house list and 1.6% for a prospect list. This trend shows that response rates are increasing; and frankly, it’s easy to see why.

Combining direct mail with digital channels has proven to be an excellent way to keep direct mail relevant and effective. The new generations don’t separate their online and offline life. Seamlessly blending your direct mail marketing with digital channels creates value in a connected world. The next generation is more likely to consume through digital channels like email, SMS, and social media platforms. Combining your direct mail with the digital channels most familiar to millennials and Gen Z results in a stronger reach, better response rates, and more targeted leads.

Let us help prepare you for tomorrow’s consumer created our omnichannel marketing platform with current and next-generation consumers in mind. Let us help you set up your clients for success today, tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future. Increase your success by leveraging the right technology to reach the right consumers. Schedule a demo and consultation today!


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Cody Yates
by Cody Yates
August 1, 2019

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