6 Marketing Predictions For 2023

Anees Mueller
by Anees Mueller
October 4, 2022

If your marketing strategy has been gathering dust on a shelf, it’s time to brush it off and do a little updating. A great marketing strategy is always being refined to keep up with the latest trends, and with 2023 right around the corner, it’s a great time to make some changes.

Here are our predictions on what to watch for in 2023:

Conversational Marketing

As artificial intelligence, machine learning and those charming chatbots become more intuitive, visitors to your website will rely on them more to find what they’re looking for. If you’re employing this technology, make sure your response rates are good and that you know when your chatbot should give up and transfer to a live agent. Otherwise, your visitor will bounce over to a competitor that’s more up to speed.

Omnichannel Marketing

It’s essential to have a well-coordinated marketing strategy that identifies the touchpoints with a potential lead and makes the most of them. This is a strategy that recognizes that the activities of your target audience aren’t limited to one format, and your brand should be spending time where your audience is hanging out. That probably means more than one distribution method for content.

Interactive Websites

Watch for opportunities to make life easier for potential customers. Items like calculators or virtual planning tools will become more popular for building relationships with visitors to your site. For instance, if you are a financial planner, you may have a calculator that allows visitors to weigh options like saving for college versus saving for retirement, or a photographer might have tools for allowing customers to see how a particular canvas size fits in with their existing décor.

Video Marketing

Video remains an important and growing trend, but there are changes in terms of tone and length. The popularity of TikTok is driving the use of short-form videos as well as the infusion of humor and authenticity into the typical marketing video.

The Basics

Even though new trends are still emerging in marketing, there are some things that aren’t changing. Quality matters in content, so make sure anything you produce is well-made and brings value to your audience.

Social Responsibility

An important trend that is shaping buying behavior is the values and causes that a company aligns itself with. If you have an organization that you partner with to raise awareness, volunteer or donate proceeds to, you’ll want to make that information available to potential customers.

2023 is coming right up, and if you’re not prepared for incorporating the latest marketing trends, it might be due to outdated technology. Contact us to learn about our all-in-one automated marketing platform known as



Anees Mueller
by Anees Mueller
October 4, 2022

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