3 Technologies To Love This Valentine’s Day

Anees Mueller
by Anees Mueller
February 11, 2022

As a company, you always have to consider how to use your budget to innovate your marketing. Still, there are so many technologies currently emerging that it may be challenging to decide how to prioritize investments. Here are three emerging technologies that are offering companies the opportunity to do more than simply improve processes. You might just fall in love with them when you see how they utterly upend your processes and transform your business.

Artificial Intelligence

While artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning originally caused everyone to think of a robot-dominated world where humans become irrelevant to the workforce, the ways in which this technology is being applied seems to be only improving life for consumers and employees alike, not overtaking it.

The many applications for AI will leave you starry-eyed. Some applications include relieving customer service agents of answering routine questions and allowing consumers to access self-service options rather than wait on hold. This information can also be used more effectively for you to address pain points for consumers as you develop your marketing strategy. In healthcare, AI can be used to pull insights to better predict treatment outcomes and offer improvements to how you reach consumers. Overall, AI is useful for providing better insights into consumers and helping you become more effective in how you do it.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

You might associate these terms mainly with video games, but you can expect to see them integrated into other areas in the near future. And if you’ve been using the terms interchangeably, keep in mind that virtual reality is immersive, placing the user in a different environment, while augmented reality simply enhances the environment the user is in.

You will continue to see virtual and augmented reality making more of an appearance in many areas of marketing. Marketing is increasingly being driven largely by the needs of customers and those customers want your brand to deliver experiences that are engaging. Who doesn’t love to give customers an experience that leads them to share about your brand with everyone they know?


If you’ve been wondering what the infrastructure supporting technology like AI and virtual and augmented reality will be, that’s 5G. Exponentially faster than 4G, 5G will offer enhanced performance and speed for everything your business does, whether that’s launching a fleet of Internet of Things (IoT) devices that help you gather reliable business insights or holding a meeting over a cloud-based communications application. It will be like love-at-first use.

And a New Term

Martech is a term emerging to describe technology designed to aid marketing efforts. It’s a fluid concept, but anything used to plan, measure or execute your marketing strategy might be called martech. Think of it kind of like a pet name for the technology you love most.

At, we’ve been developing some martech to equip your business for marketing success. Our all-in-one automated marketing platform helps you plan, execute and assess a marketing strategy in a way that allows you to get back to the core focus of your business. Contact us to learn more. You’re going to love us.

Anees Mueller
by Anees Mueller
February 11, 2022

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